Imaging research - identifying patients with high heart attack risk

This film had a dual purpose - to highlight the massive impact having a heart attack (and surviving) can have on a person and their family plus demonstrating the groundbreaking new imaging technique developed for spotting and preventing a heart attack before it happens. We chose two very different colour palettes for the shots in the different parts of the film - a colder, more clinical blue tone for the medical / technical section and a warmer tone to the surivor's section which needed a more sensitive feel.

Our expert producer interviewed our contributors in different ways to bring out different messages - one in-depth, more technical and matter of fact interview with the doctor and a slower paced, more reflective interview with the heart attack survivor to allow his emotions to surface. Our team produced, directed, filmed, edited and created the bespoke animation for this film. The pre-production for this film involved our team having to learn some of the medical aspects of heart disease so we could interpret them correctly in our animation and also to have sufficient scientific knowledge during the interviews.

Project details
Canon 5D Mark II

British Heart Foundation

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