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Film Production

Our talented and lovely team of professionals are hand picked to suit the level of expertise needed for your specific project / budget. The Red Banana team are known for their wide experience, business-like but friendly approach and expertise in using the latest technology and equipment.

We work locally, nationwide and internationally. If you require studio space (including green screen) we can source a studio that best fits your project requirements.

Our team include directors of photography, camera operators, directors, producers, presenters, sound recordists, make up artists, wardrobe assistants, studio assistants, voice over artists, actors, dancers and production assistants. Varying crew scales – we can provide a self shooting director for a small scale project or just as easily provide you with a full crew for a large scale production.

We enjoy strong supplier relationships, enabling us to provide you with everything you require to make your production a success. We offer great rates on hired in equipment such as the latest cameras, autocue equipment, green screen, track and dolly, steadicam and drones.

For more information, call 0203 735 5038 or email us at for a quote.

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